(From L-R) Matthew Hewitson (President VMG) Yaya Barrow, (Managing Director GNPC) Daniel Maggs (CEO VMG)

Following on from news last week that the official invitations had been sent to the National Oil Company community across West Africa ahead of the 6th Annual Upstream West Africa Summit 2020, VMG Co-Founders had the opportunity to catch up with Yaya Barrow, Managing Director, GNPC The Gambia, to map out the next steps in the pre-event marketing & collaboration for the hotly anticipated #USWA20 summit which is taking place next June 17th – 18th 2020 in Banjul, The Gambia, marking the first ever international Upstream Oil & Gas event The Gambia has ever hosted in it’s history.

The discussions centred around the involvement of the NOC community at the Upstream West Africa Summit 2020, which will focus on in Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal & Mauritania, and the important role each and every country has to promote cross border collaboration for future Upstream success in West Africa, which is also the mantra for the 6th edition of the event.

VMG President, Matthew Hewitson, commented “With each country across West Africa being at different stages of their Oil & Gas journey, it is vitally important they are able to come together to knowledge share & discuss best practices that will allow the whole region to move forward together, the Upstream West Africa Summit platform will allow that interaction” he concluded “We’ve had the chance to sit down with Mr Barrow, to discuss the main areas of focus for the USWA agenda topics, which will cover everything E&P related to the Upstream sector in West Africa”

Registration and call for papers is now open, you can register your interest to be part of the 6th Annual Upstream West Africa Summit 2020 by visiting http://www.upstreamwestafrica.com/register or email via info@valemediagroup.com